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Solar-Fabrik: Technical information for locating the root cause of the relevant junction boxes in the product warning issued on April 9, 2015

Press release May 11, 2015
  • As an immediate safety measure we recommend to have a professional disable the modules by disconnecting the module cables from the inverter.
  • A safe and complete continued operation of the PV modules should only happen after the user together with a professional have concluded that even in the unlikely case of the junction boxes catching fire there is no risk of collateral damage.

It needs to be checked by a professional on the basis of the installation manner of the solar modules (e.g. roof integrated systems, roof mounted systems or ground mounted system) whether any risk exists for wellbeing and lives or damage to property.

However, if there is still a risk of collateral damage a safe continued operation is only possible after the replacement of the junction boxes.

Independent whether charring is visible or not you have to follow the product warning. The root cause and thus the product risk is not visible.

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